Crow Lawsuit Is Settled Out Of Caw-t

I think I’ve written more stories about the forthcoming remake of The Crow than any other in the last year (apart from maybe the protracted development of Akira).

Way back in April, The Weinsteins sued Relativity Media to block any possible remake claiming that they had exclusive rights to any sequels, reboots or tie-ins.

Relativity counter-sued claiming that the Weinsteins didn’t release details of its financial problems and screwed up the release of 2009’s Rob Marshall musical Nine.

Now they’ve settled their differences and released a statement, “The parties will continue to work on the film together as planned. In addition, Relativity Media has dismissed all of its claims against The Weinstein Company for any wrongdoing regarding the release and distribution of Nine, and The Weinstein Company has dismissed all of its claims against Relativity Media.”

I’m not sure if that’s good news or not. A Crow reboot is something the world does not need (along with more Adam Sandler movies, Nick Swardson and Paul W S Anderson) and the lawsuit being settled means that it inches closer to actually being made.

That’s if it can overcome its other production problems which include an unsettling leading man (it’s been through numerous rumours and possible attachments including Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg and even Robert Pattinson) and a string of directors (Steven Norrington, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and most recently F. Javier Guiterrez). Either way…let’s be honest, it’s going to suck.