Dance Judge Villain Of The Week: Craig Revel Horwood In ‘Gyspy’ Jibe

Tut tut, when will these dance judges ever learn? The latest foot-in-mouth trophy has been bestowed upon Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel Horwood, who was forced to apologise on The Wright Stuff yesterday for calling gypsies “pikeysâ€? live on air.

Strictly’s ‘Jason Gardiner equivalent’ was a guest on the Channel Five show hosted by Matthew Wright, where the infamous Paddy Doherty (who featured on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) and his assault claims were up for discussion.

Wading in to the debate, Horwood said: “Be a gypsy and stick to your codes and don’t involve us. And get off our TVs.

He added: “All those pikeys though, darling. Do we really need them?”

Quick to the rescue, Wright told Horwood: “That’s an offensive term towards gypsies.That’s like using the ‘n’ word towards black people and you will have to apologise for that.”

A guilty Horwood replied: “I do apologise, and I had to apologise at Christmas because I said it to one of my friends and he walked out.

“I do apologise to the nation for the pikey remarks. I take it back.”

Ah, all’s well that ends well then…