Dannii And Louis Forced To Reapply For X-Factor Positions

As the X-Factor rumour-mill continues its never ending churn, the latest piece of gossip has been that Dannii and Louis will have to ‘reapply’ for their judging panel positions.

The new interview process will apparently include the judges being asked to come up with new ideas for the ITV1 show and also highlight mistakes they have made in the past with previous contestants.

As quoted from the Daily Mirror, the duo are said to be ‘embarrassed and frustrated’, but the news comes with a further statement from an insider who says “Simon is determined to avoid complacency this series and wants all the judges to be at the top of their game.â€?

Fair enough. But with Dannii having 2010’s winning contestant, Matt Cardle, this reapplication process could be seen as a tad bit harsh.

Despite this, the insider elaborates with “”Simon wants them both back on the panel because he loves the chemistry the pair has developed.â€?

Geez Cowell, make your mind up.

But look at it this way, if Louis doesn’t get his position back, at least we won’t have any further Jedward or Wagner debacles.