Daryl Hannah For Palahniuk’s Snuff

DH210So far there’s only been one stand out adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s work – 1999’s jaw-droppingly good Fight Club (Choke’s not bad either but not incredible). His other novels have mostly been languishing in development hell – Haunted, Invisible Monsters, Survivor, Rant, Diary and Lullaby are all screaming in tortured production limbo at the moment.

With the rampant success of Fight Club (which actually had a disappointing cinema release only to become a cult hit on DVD), you can see why studios are keen to make more of his work. Well, it looks like Snuff might be the film to do just that as Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore and Thora Birch will be bringing it to the big screen.

Hannah will play Cassie Wright, an ageing porn star attempting the world record for most number of guys screwed in one film. Sound familiar? – Google Annabel Chong (but not at work!). Birch will play Sheila, Cassie’s personal assistant (possibly not the most salubrious of jobs) and Sizemore will play Mr 600. The rest of the film will focus on two other men in the queue, number 72 and 137.

The plot will tell the story of Wright’s hiatus from the porn business and the reason she came back along with the stories of the other three guys under scrutiny – 600 got Wright into porn in the first place, 137 is a TV “star” trying to raise his profile and 72…well 72 might be her son…

The director is Fabien Martorell who hasn’t had much experience in the chair but did direct Tromatized, the documentary about legendary farcical splattercore production company Troma. According to Chuckpalahniuk.net, he plans to shoot in a closed set utilizing flashbacks to tell the story.

Wait a minute….closed set a la Reservoir Dogs, Daryl Hannah, Tom Sizemore….this sounds a little bit Taratino-esque to say the least. A quick glance as Sizemore’s IMDB profile reveals that he’s been a busy little bee indeed with no less that 25 films in the works for 2011. Seems like he’s working on some kind of record himself.

Chuck himself describes Snuff as “not a sex novel; it’s a story of men bonding over a similar interest”. Locations are being scouted as we speak and we’ll bring you more details as they come in.