Dave vs Dave. The Death Of A Blokes Channel?

This week hasn’t been a great one for red-blooded blokes with a love for harmless banter. First of all we had Richard Keys and Andy Gray succumbing to the might of what some people are now calling ‘The Thought Police’ and now we hear news that their favourite channel could be forced to change its well-loved name.

If news that two of their favourite patrons had been brought down by some clandestine Orwellian agency wasn’t enough, this morning UKTV – who own Dave – are facing a trademark fight with a ‘specialist brand consultancy’ which shares the name and claims that channel Dave has affected its business since it was rebranded in 2007.

If the Dave the brand consultancy, win the dispute, Dave the channel will be forced to change its name. In such an event we would suggest they switch it too: ‘The Top Gear Channel’. Dave was renamed from UKTV G2 four years ago and found instant success for its mix of blokey comedy and entertainment – even though the schedule hadn’t changed.

The Financial Times reports that the problems began when consultancy Dave – which was formed in 2003, but never registered a trademark – blocked the TV station from registering the trademark ‘Dave’ recently. The consultancy is now expected to register the name, but industry experts admit that both bodies have a good claim to the name rights.

What Satellite reports that UKTV can use the name on decorative magnets and stationery, but it cannot use it for broadcasting, advertising, production and distribution of television programmes and interactive entertainment. UKTV may appeal against the ruling, but if this fails, marketing Dave’s could demand compensation or force a change of name.