David Fincher Has Panic Attack

fincher210Don’t worry, David Fincher’s not having a flap about his forthcoming English version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, he’s optioned Jason Starr’s novel Panic Attack, which we swear isn’t a sequel to Fincher’s own Panic Room (2002).

The plot does have a few things in common though (with a little bit of Straw Dogs thrown in for good measure) featuring a therapist who shoots and kills a home intruder. But that’s just the beginning as he also has to face the developing media furore and a the criminal’s accomplice who’s out for vengeance.

According to Vulture, Fincher’s newly formed company Panic Pictures will be working on the project. Whether it’ll be Fincher himself behind the lens or whether he’ll just be guiding the project along is still unknown but he has brought along Ocean’s Eleven scribe to adapt the book.

Whatever he decides, he’s not short of options. He’s working on TV drama House Of Cards, kicking off pre-production on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and is rumoured for forthcoming Angelina Jolie vehicle Cleopatra. He also might sign on for The Girl Who Played With Fire if Dragon Tattoo goes off well. He’s a busy man – Panic Pictures sounds exactly right.