David Haye Wants “To Become The Best Actor I Can Be”

Former WBA heavyweight and general boxing bad-ass, David Haye, wants to turn himself into a serious thesp.

The 31-year-old quit the ring on Thursday amid birthday celebrations, but it seems he has no plans to take any time out.

He said: “Once you don’t have any drive, focus or desire that’s when I assume you start spiralling downhill so the acting will be something new for me. I want to go into action films. I am looking forward to it.

Given the fairly dodgy performances of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson following his WWF career and various other past-it sports stars, at least the bar has not been set unattainably high.

But Haye is convinced that he will work hard at his new dream: “The next phase for me is trying to become the best possible actor I can be and taking the same sort of philosophy and mindset I had in the ring into the acting world.

“It will be a good way for me to keep training as well. My whole life I have been in good condition so I just have to keep that up.”

We’re not so sure that his TV appearance on gameshow Red or Black qualifies him for an acting career just yet, but keep at it Haye.