David Mitchell Talks About His New Sit-Com

David Mitchell is teaming up with Peep Show co-star and old university mate Robert Webb for a new BBC comedy about the British Embassy in the fictional country of Tazbekistan.

Our Men will follow Mitchell’s Keith Davis, the new British Ambassador, and his team, with Webb as his deputy, Neil.

In a recent interview with Reader’s Digest, Mitchell said, “We couldn’t believe that something along these lines hadn’t been written before.â€?

“Like a lot of things we do, it’s exploring different attitudes to authority.â€? However, expect it to be very different from Peep Show, because “these are highly capable senior people who very much have jobs.”

The newly-married actor also stressed that “some people will think my character is right and some people will think he’s wrong and both sets of people will be correct.â€?

Our Men will hit our screens in 2013, but if you can’t wait for a bit of Mitchell and Webb action, Peep Show’s back on the 9th of November.