David Walliams named as Host for British Based Panel Show

Little Briton David Walliams has been named as host for a new BBC One panel show.

Called “I Love My Country“, it’s clearly inspired by the endemic flag waving that has taken hold as a result of the Olympic Games and the European Championships being in the same year.

Opinionated Frank Skinner and Greg Daniels, head of sixth form in The Inbetweeners and scurge of the University of Lincoln are signed on as permanent team captains in the competition that will see who has the best knowledge of this scepter’d isle.

Whether this fairly specific theme will make it distinct from the many, many other panel shows remains to be seen. It’s the second format from Dutch production company Talpa, the first of which being The Voice, which has attracted a hefty amount of criticism as of late.

With the pilot filming on the 23rd of this month, you can apply to be in the audience here, should you fancy it.

The Home Office has yet to comment on whether this will replace current British citizenship tests.