David Yates And Steve Kloves Take The Stand

Ron Howard has his ambitious multi-part-interspersed-by-TV-specials version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower torn down by Universal a few weeks ago but it looks like Warners are willing to take a chance on version of another King property, The Stand.

To steer this project on the right course they’ve retained the services of David Yates and Steve Kloves – the director and writer behind the Harry Potter series. Personally I’m fine with Yates but a half-blind retarded chimp could write a better screenplay that Steve Kloves.

The book, which in typical King style is about 7 million pages long sees a virus kill off 99% of the world’s population. Faced with the desolation of a crumbled society, a group of surviors struggle with not just daily existence but a the machinations of the sinister Randall Flagg (who incidentally also appears in The Dark Tower)

The Stand was made into a miniseries in 1994 starring Gary Sinise and Rob Lowe but a big screen version has yet to surface (despite George Romero gamely trying). Marvel are also in the process of adapting the book into a 30 issue, six volume comic book series.

Yates had previously stated that he was interested in working on the project when promoting Harry Potter and with Kloves on board too, it looks like this might actually happen.