Daybreak Latest: Flea Have A Problem

As if poor reviews weren’t enough, Daybreak has now been plagued by another source of irritation (aside from the inane chatter from Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles that is): the set has apparently become infested with fleas, with one member of the crew falling victim to some pesky bites.

According to the Daily Star, (leaders of breaking ‘flee related’ stories) staff have had to call in experts to solve the problem. A source (who we applaud for resisting the temptation to create a vicious rumour that it was in fact Chiles who released the flees in a bid to sabotage and break ‘flee’ from the show) said that the outbreak has been blamed on animals which feature regularly on the programme, explaining: “The producers love dog stories and think it’s a great way to connect with their family audience.

“There is now a dog or other pet on the show at least once a week, which has caused the outbreak of fleas. Due to the people moving in and out of the green room and on to the set, the whole area had to be treated.”

However, as we can reveal from the picture above, problems of the outbreak have been evident for some time now, with Chiles unable to pose for press shots without resisting the urge to scratch.

For the sake of Chiles’s poor scalp, let’s put our hands together and pray that this terrible infestation is solved soon…