De Niro and Scorsese Reunited

de niroscorsese300Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese are reteaming for the ninth time in Scorsese’s next film, an adaptation of the book I Heard You Paint Houses. Film fanatics across the globe, for just this one time you are allowed to embrace your inner fan-girl and screech with joy. The granddaddies of modern cinema are back together again. Huzzah!

The legendary pair, famous for stand-out cinematic offerings such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas and Casino, have also gathered another two film veterans in the form of Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, both on board for roles in the adaptation.

De Niro has recently been caught wagging the tongue and letting slip some narrative details; “It’s about a guy who is – and I believe the book – says he’s now passed away, but he confessed that he killed Hoffa and also Joe Gallo over here on Hester Street. And so I’m going to play that character, Joe Pesci’s gonna be in it and Al Pacino is going to be in it and Marty’s going to direct it.”

De Niro’s character is ominously named, Frank Sheeran, a former union leader who becomes a hitman. Gangs Of New York scriptwriter, Steve Zallian has slaved over the script and Scorsese – sorry, I mean Marty – has mentioned the shoot could begin as early as this year. Get in.