Demian Bichir Signs Up For Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez’s exploit-em-up sequel Machete Kills is rapidly assembling a cast. We had news that Mel Gibson was on board as an arms dealer last week and Michelle Rodriguez would be back for round two yesterday. Now it looks like A Better Life‘s Oscar-nominated leading man Demian Bichir will also join the proceedings.

There’s no word yet on exactly what role he’d be playing, but given the tone of the movie, it’s likely to be pretty riotous.

It’s a busy time for Bichir as he’ll be playing an Israeli operative in William Friedkin’s Trapped which will begin shooting next year.

Variety also has it that Bichir was also in contention for the villain role in Star Trek 2 – a role which has now gone to Benedict Cumberbatch. Apparently the scheduling didn’t work out as Bichir was committed to a stage play in Mexico. Interesting casting choice though – Benicio Del Toro was also up for the same role. Does that mean that the villain is who we think it is?

Bichir will next pop up in Oliver Stone’s Savages which is out at the end of September.