Dermot O’Leary Wanted By ‘The Voice’

Whoa there! First we hear that our beloved Cheryl could be snapped up by BBC’s The Voice and now reports have reached our ears that the corporation has its Manchester-bound eyes on hunky-boy-next-door Dermot O’Leary. That show could be more X Factorish than… well X Factor next year.

BBC Controller Danny Cohen has been making a lot of statements of late, but we’re just getting a few snippets (that may or may not be from him) in The Sun this morning. Cohen is believed to be behind the plan to half-inch O’Leary with a “wide-ranging deal” which could also include a role on the Olympics presenting team next year. Machiavellian..

“Danny is a big fan of Dermot’s and knows he would be a great catch for the BBC,” a source told the paper. “He wants to do some shiny floor stuff as well as factual programmes and we can offer that kind of wide-ranging deal.”

“We don’t just want to hire people from the X Factor. This is one of the hottest tickets in town for a star right now,” the source added, before refusing to deny rumours linking Dannii Minogue to the show as well.

“Dermot’s £1million-a-series deal for The X Factor is negotiated every year, so he could walk away after this year’s show,” a second source claimed.