Dermot To Quit X Factor?

Throwing the X Factor towel in?

Dermot O’Leary has hinted that he may be bowing out as host of the X Factor before it makes a Saturday night return to our screens.

He said: “The next month or so will be telling. I’ll either be doing it or I won’t. You never know. That’s the thing working for Simon and working on that show.”

Tragic news we are sure you will agree. Dermot’s horrendous dancing and cheeky banter with the X judges will be sorely missed.

Apparently, the 38-year-old sweetheart of British TV has even been ruled out of presenting X Factor USA if Steve Jones steps down.

Simon Cowell said: “If there is a change in the presenter in America it would have to be an American host.”

Dermot stepped into the shoes (not literally) of female presenter Kate Thornton back in 2007 when the show really began to pick up colossal audience figures, and he has gone down very well with British audiences ever since.

Twitter is already buzzing with the news that Dermot may be leaving the show.

@charlottepike3 tweeted: “WHAT!!?? Dermot O’leary might be leaving @xfactor??!!! Noooo! I will miss his dancing. hahaha lol xoxo”.

Nothing has yet been suggested about who will replace Derm if he does leave and his departure seems far from certain at this point.

We think Cowell should think very seriously about bringing wronged X Factor competitor, Goldie Cheung back into the fold. You owe it to her SiCo.

Bring this woman back to our screens, we implore you…