Derren Brown Denies Using Actor in His Latest Stunt Show

derren_brown300x210Has-been illusionist Derren Brown has denied using an actor in his latest stunt.

Yesterday’s man Brown drew criticism for his latest Channel 4 show Apocalypse when it was alleged that the man he attempted to hypnotise into believing the world had been taken over by zombies, Steve Brosnan (no relation to former James Bond star Pierce), was actually an actor from a professional casting website.

Fans of Brown had also accused Brosnan of looking suspiciously similar to an actor who had recently starred in a Pot Noodle advert.

Taking to Twitter, Brown said: “Conspiracy theory flying around that Steven is an actor, cos he looks like a guy in a noodle ad. I NEVER EVER fake stunts with actors.”

He continued: “Plus his whole family/friends would have to be actors too. And all REAL family/friends quietly killed…”

The illusionist attempted to dispel the rumour by posting a video on YouTube of Brosnan and the noodle advert star Karl Greenwood speaking about the controversy and differentiating between the pair.

Watch the video below: