Derren Brown To ‘Experiment’ On The Public In New Show

Master of mind tricks and maker of mischief, Derren Brown, will be back “experimentingâ€? on members of the public later this month.

His new show, The Experiment, will see Brown trying out four sociological theories on unsuspecting citizens.

The performer said: “Three of them are relatively dark, looking into the darker side of human behaviour, and one of them is rather positive and jolly. The first one is called The Assassin.â€?

Hopefully that’s not the jolly one.

He explained: “It’s whether or not it’s possible to hypnotise somebody to kill, to carry out an assassination. This is based on the testimonies given by political assassins who say they were brainwashed by the CIA.”

Some of the theories have theior origins in academia, while some of them are developed by Brwon himself. Which is even more concerning.

Then again, we all know that Brown’s shows are never quite as they appear.

His controversial “live séanceâ€? show was revealed as a load of tosh in the last few minutes and the bearded Brown openly claims that he is a trickster, as well as a magician. Just keep your wits about you.

Derren Brown: The Experiments begins on Channel 4 on October 21.