Dexter Not Going Anywhere

With season six set to air in September, Dexter’s exec producer, Sara Colleton says the show has plenty of life yet, “Every year we are as excited as we were about the previous year. As long as we can move Dexter into a new territory to explore, it’s exciting for viewers. And as long as there are new, profound ways of examining human nature, the show stays fresh,â€? she said in an interview with TVLINE.

Season six picks up one year after the carnage that ensued during season five, during which time Dexter has realised the futility of trying to lead a “normalâ€? life and has once again compartmentalised things. Deb and Quinn are still together and Deb might even be *gasp* happy, Quinn too has less of a lust to bring down Dexter after he saved his skin last season. Everything seems to be going fairly well for everyone – although LaGuerta and Batista are divorced – but season six’s as yet unnamed nemesis will no-doubt put an end to the contentment.

Colleton also revealed Astor and Cody will be taking a backseat in season six, saying, “They are referenced, but they haven’t really played in to the story this season. Because a year has gone by, they have their own lives. They’re in Orlando having a good time and they don’t want to leave,â€? and eluded that Deb will one day discover Dexter’s Dark Passenger, “When and how that’s going to be handled has not been quite decided, but it will at some point happen.â€?