DiCaprio Hoover’s Cigarette

leo300Okay so it’s not exactly an intriguing piece of car-crash imagery to rival Meryl Streep toothing-up as Margaret Thatcher, but it’s still rather exciting to get a first taster of Leo’s new role as J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous first director of the FBI.

Unlike most of his recent projects, DiCaprio is not being ordered about by Martin Scorsese on this biopic. Film veteran Clint Eastwood is standiing behind the camera (which after watching Hereafter, makes us all kinds of nervous..)

Hoover held his position from 1935 till his death from a heart attack in 1972 and courted much controversey, from rumours of homosexuality and cross-dressing to accusations of operating his own secret police service for various governments.

This one is due next year and co-stars Josh Lucas, Ed Westwick, and Armie Hammer as Hoover’s alleged love interest.