Did Kelly Put On ‘The Calling In Sick’ Voice Last Night?

There was yet more dramatic news from the X Factor camp this week as “so sickâ€? Kelly pulled out of the live show to munch toast and cocoa from her LA home.

The former Destiny’s child singer said: “”I’m so sick, I’ve been in tears all week.”

Boo hoo indeed.

But rumours are circulating that Ms Rowland was actually skiving off school because of bitchiness between the judges and a name-calling towards her act, Misha B.

On last Saturday’s show war broke out between the judges after Tulisa accused Kelly’s act Misha Bryan of being nasty to hopefuls backstage.

She said, “I think you are very competitive and I’ve seen a different side of you backstage. You being so feisty can come across as quite mean to certain contestants and I’ve been told by a few this week there’s been a few mean comments towards them.”

Rowland called the producers just 24 hours before the show was due to air, which might explain hy they had to draft in such a truly diabolical replacement.

Previous winner, Alexandra Burke, was so far from “OK.comâ€? that it wasn’t even funny. Her cringe worthy attempt to throw in some cheeky mamma humour a la Kelly was a disaster. And Louis’ horrendous impressions of the American judge were borderline racist.

It seems that Ms Rowland is not the bootylicious success story Cowell expected her to be. With the best category of singers by a long shot and no allies on the judging panel, the knives are well and truly out.

Let us all just take a moment to pray for her safe return. She might be annoying but one week of Burke is more than enough.