Director Named For The Last Exorcism Sequel

The Last Exorcism, as directed by Daniel Stamm in 2010, appears to have been anything but the “last” of its kind.

A sequel to the film was inevitable from the moment it took $70m from a budget of $1.5m, but one’s mind does boggle at the way in which the “last” of something can be followed up?

Either way, Ed Gass-Donelly has now been named as the director tasked with making a credible second instalment to this Empire Award-winning horror.

No plot has yet be gleaned but we are guessing it will involve another tortured child, possibly in a barn. The suggestion is that the film will pick up around three months after where the last film left off.

Still possessed by The Last Exorcism, is original producer Eli Roth, who told Deadline that he’s “very, very excited to continue this story.”

“Obviously with the title of the first one we had not planned on a sequel”, Roth laughs, “but we love the story and subject matter and had what we feel is an inspired idea to continue it. We want to go deeper and darker this time.

“The first film worked great as a PG-13 psychological film, but now we want to go R-rated and show the true horror of what this subject matter offers. The biggest creative challenge will be coming up with the right title!”