Disney Scoops Up Max Landis’s Next Project

If he keeps up this rate Max Landis is going to be a household name. Superhero flick Chronicle will be out next week but now Disney have announced that they’ve got dibs on his next project too.

There’s no title as yet but Variety report that the plot will see a brother and sister start an epic adventure (no it’s not a Star Wars reboot).

Landis has got a whole host of other projects floating about including a new take on the Pied Piper for Fox (reworking fairy tales is the “in” thing to do after all) and a new adventure thriller called Amnesty at Universal which has Ron Howard pencilled in to direct after he finishes Formula 1 racing film Rush. Plus, he’s also got an action comedy called Good Time Gang with Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill attached to play mercenaries.

Busy times ahead for Max Landis then…