DJ Caruso For Preacher?

caruso210Well, he didn’t mention it when we spoke to him the other week but news has surfaced that I Am Number Four director DJ Caruso has his sights set on an adaptation of graphic novel Preacher.

He’s been linked to the project before and said in an interview with Spinoff Online, “I love the Wild West, man. I really love Preacher. It’s fantastic. I think that’s what would sell me on taking on a comic book project again. I don’t know if this is still what’s going on with it, but Sam was going to direct it, Sam Mendes, and John August was writing the screenplay.”

Sam Mendes was the last name in a long list to be linked to the comic series, a list which has included A-Team director Joe Carnahan and even Darren Aronofsky. But Mendes was temped away by the next Bond movie so the franchise is still up for grabs.

Preacher, if you haven’t read the series….actually, if you haven’t read it, stop reading this now and go buy the whole backlog… is the story of the Reverend Jesse Custer who gets blessed/cursed with the voice of God which has the power to make anyone obey him. But God’s gone missing, so it’s up to Jesse to track him down and make him answer for his actions. Tagged along are a whole motley band of characters including his trigger-happy girlfriend Tulip and a hard-drinking vampire called Cassidy.

Like all long series, it’s going to be a monumental challenge to adapt for the screen, so if Caruso does take on the project, he’s going to have his work cut out for him. It’s still up in the air though, so as ever, watch this space.