DJ Caruso To Suffer With Invertigo

DJ Caruso reportedly has his baseball-capped sights set on a new project for Sony called Invertigo.

Not a blasphemous reboot of the Hitchcock classic (Scottie preserve us), but a big budget smash up which involves Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon pen pusher Ehren Kruger. The story follows a doomed NASA satellite which crashes in the centre of Noo Yoik and creates a “reverse-G vortex” – ironically, also the name of a condition observed in consumers of NYC’s dirtiest hot dawgs.

No talent has yet been attached to the project, which will take some time to make it through pre-production. Caruso has only just finished work on low-budget passion project Goat Island and is now looking for a distributor.

Filming on Invertigo may not even start until next year, which will leave out hero with next to no time to save the planet and get the girl. Somebody get Willis on the phone.

Caruso’s last sci-fi hit, I Am Number Four, may have prepared him to take on a big budget CGI production like this, but can Invertigo give him the box office hit he failed to achieve with his previous sci-fi shoot?