Djimon Hounsou Is The Angel Of Death

Monarch to the kingdom of the dead? Well, not exactly. He’s been cast in Alex Proyas’ forthcoming adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. The story will expand upon the disagreement between archangels Lucifer (Bradley Cooper) and Michael (Ben Walker) over God’s love for his new creation, humans and their subsequent role in the fall of Adam and Eve.

Hounsou is all set to play Abdiel, the Angel of Death, who disagrees with Lucifer’s plans to revolt and brings word to God himself, only to find that God already knows of his treachery and is preparing his forces for war.

The script, somewhat worryingly, has had contributions from Byron Willinger, Stuart Hazeldine, Philip de Blasi, Lawrence Kasdan and Ryan Condal – and with that many screenwriters, there’s a serious danger of “too many cooks spoil the broth” as we saw last week with Cowboys & Aliens.

Shooting begins later this year.