Doctor Strange Will Be Next Marvel Adaptation?

Marvel have so far concentrated on mutant powers and fantastic technology but have so far neglected the mystical and magical side of their canon. That may be about to change as a script, written by Sahara/Conan writers Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly for Doctor Strange has been put on a short list for directors.

For those not familiar with Strange, he’s a former surgeon who loses his hands and turns to magic to compensate. Turns out he’s rather good at it and is soon defending earth from all kinds of supernatural threats including demons, vampires and werewolves.

There was some brief news a while back of a few animated shorts which would be produced to support the Avengers but that appears to have been abandoned. Instead, we’re in the much better position for a fully-fledged film which will most likely appear some time in 2013.

Quite who’d play strange is still open for debate. Johnny Depp? James Franco? That dude that plays Johnny Drama in Entourage?