Richard E. Grant to Play Doctor Who Christmas Special Villain

There are few events in the TV calender which can rival the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Reinvented a couple of years back, it’s fast become a bigger part of Christmas day than your mum’s soggy sprouts and the Beeb have revealed who’ll be playing this year’s villain.

In what looks like an excellent piece of casting, Richard E. Grant will be the man bothering Matt Smith & Co with some horrid scheme, although just what he’ll be up to and who he’ll be playing remains a mystery. Although we think he’d make a cracking Grinch. Grant has some previous when it comes to Doctor Who, having provided his voice for an animated webcast back in 2003.

The Beeb were obviously aware that it would be nigh on impossible to keep the identity of the Doctor’s festive nemesis a secret, so they announced it on their Twitter feed last night.

The episode – which doesn’t have a title as of yet – will also see the debut of Jenna Louise Coleman as the Timelord’s latest companion. It should be a belter.

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