Dog The Bounty Hunter Bow-Wows Out

If you like your Dogs to feature self-styled mullets and an unhealthy appetite for beating up redneck thugs without licence, you will be devastated to hear the latest news from across the pond.

Dog The Bounty Hunter – network stalwart at A&E for over eight years – has been cancelled.

A spokesman for the series informed The Hollywood Reporter of the devastating news, adding that the show will finally finish at the end of its eighth season.

The show featured Duane “Dog” Chapman as the ruthless pursuer of justice in his home state of Colorado and occasionally in the sunnier climes of Hawaii. Dog was regularly seen sniffing out wrongdoers for the police in the series which aired on A&E from 2007.

Dog devotees may be keen to hear a little known fact about the show’s them tune, imaginatively titled ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’. The rasping tune is sung by none other than Ozzy Osbourne – Prince of Darkness and friend to illicit criminal-hunters everywhere.

The show was produced as a spin-off of Take This Job, a documentary series about workers with unusual jobs and went on to experience worldwide popularity.

RIP Dog – he whose bite was FAR worse than his bark.

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