DOI Vote: Was Johnson Beharry Robbed?

Questions were raised over ITV’s voting system once more last night after viewers spotted that Phillip Schofield made a mistake which raised fears of larger mistakes in the series overall.

The silver fox told viewers on This Morning that VC-winning war hero Johnson Beharry had won the public vote eight times when in fact it he had only done so four times.

“What if they had made an error with someone supposed to be in the skate-off?” blustered one concerned viewer according to The Sun.

However the chances of ITV fixing the vote so that Johnson was kicked-off the show seem to be as limited as Jason Gardiner’s hat collection as the former soldier was phenomenonly popular with audiences.

Accusations of vote-fixing are of course a weekly occurence when X Factor is on air and ITV lost £18million in 2007 over rigged phone votes on various shows including Saturday Night Takeaway and Cowell’s talent competition.

ITV denies miscalculating votes, blaming the mishap on a “script error”.