Dom Joly To Take Over TV Burp Slot

Hidden camera don, Dom Joly, looks set to make a TV return in the Saturday night slot before X-Factor.

As the X-Frenzy sets in, audiences will be able to enjoy Mr Joly making people get angry/fall over/look stupid in a new hidden camera show named Fool Britannia.

He tweeted yesterday that his new show had been commissioned for an eight-part series and added: “If you are in the UK you are now a legitimate target.”

This morning, he confirmed the “good news” again on his Twitter account and explained: “New ITV show will NOT be a “Beadle” – will be more Trigger Happy style in that it has characters etc but all new….

“All new characters…so no big mobile, no fighting dogs, no old characters…that’s why it NEW.”

ITV bosses will no doubt be hoping that the next episode in DJ’s unerring quest to prove that the British public are stupid will be more of a success than his one series BBC flop, World Shut Your Mouth.

The comedian has already expressed concern that his new show “will never be as good as the superb TV Burp but will give it my best”.

Can Joly replicate the storming success of Channel 4’s Trigger Happy TV in 2000? Depends whether he gets rid of those daft squirrel outfits.

Fool Britannia will begin airing in October when the next season of X-Factor gets underway.