“Don’t Be A Wannabe” Davina McCall Offers Big Brother Advice

Davina McCall has advised potential housemates for the new series of Big Brother to keep it real if they want to secure a place in the house. The shoutiest person on television presented the reality show on Channel 4, but turned down the offer to stay on as host when the show starts on Channel 5 in August.

The 43-year-old told the Daily Star: “Contestants should have a reason to be in there, rather than just being a wannabe.” Which isn’t helpful as those applying for the show are almost without exception fame-hungry wannabes.

She continued: “If I was auditioning, I’d impress Big Brother within the first ten seconds. You’ve got to do or say something or be different enough for them to say, ‘Oh, you’re interesting’.”

“When you get in there, hang back for a couple of weeks and get to know people. Watch a little bit from outside and let all the big characters annoy everybody. I always think the people who are really loud at the beginning are the first out.

“I hate people who run around talking to the cameras all the time. I don’t want you to start having a commentary with Big Brother.”

Just when you thought Big Brother was gone for good, it was resurrected like a bad horror movie monster, when Channel 5 signed an initial £200 million deal with Endemol for two series.

For those interesting non-wannabes with a reason to be in the Big Brother house, the website to apply for the new series is bigbrotherauditions.com.