Don’t Look Now… They’re At It

dontlooknow-300x210The sex scene in 1973’s Don’t Look Now, between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, was real, says a former Hollywood executive.

In a tell-all book yet to be published, Peter Bart claims that he watched the scene being filmed. “It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting: they were f*****g on camera,” he writes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Donald Sutherland was forced to deny the claims last night, declaring: “Not True. None of it. Not the sex. Not him witnessing it.”

“From beginning to end there were four people in that room. Nic Roeg (director), Tony Richmond (cinematographer), Julie Christie and me. No one else.”

Bart’s book, “Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob, (and Sex),” will be published later this year.