Downey Jr. And Cruise Wanted For Meet The Parents Director’s El Presidente

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise are both wanted for the new project by Jay Roach (Meet The Parents and the excellent TV movie about Sarah Palin Game Change) entitled El Presidente, a comedy written by Parks & Recreation scribe and ex-Daily Show producer Dan Goor.

The word is that the plot will follow an overzealous Secret Service agent who is given the unenviable task of guarding America’s worst former president, an incompetent sleaze bag.  But when a threat is made on the ex-president’s life, they must go on the run.

Sounds quite a lot like Midnight Run to us but that’s no bad thing.  Cruise sounds like he’d be the perfect fit for an uptight agent and no one (bar Jack Nicholson who was rumoured for the role two years ago) can do ladies man schmooze like Downey Jr.  It’s certainly something that Warners seem keen on, wanting to keep Downey Jr. warm while Sherlock Holmes reloads and Tom Cruise sweet after a reportedly tip top performance in the forthcoming 80s musical Rock Of Ages.  Watch this space…