E4 Finally Loses All Its Friends..

After seventeen years, C4 finally waved goodbye to Friends last night. The final episode was first aired in 2004, but the broadcaster has been playing repeats of the show on sister channel E4 at high volume ever since.

Yet channel bosses decided not to renew their rights to the show last year and Comedy Central will pick the show up at the start of October.

Channel 4 have explained that they felt the time was right to invest in new material, but scores of freeview fans will miss the show, which sometimes pulled in 400,000 viewers for repeats at times when there wasn’t much on other channels.

The final episode or ‘The Last One’ attracted 8.6 million viewers when it was first aired seven years ago and also became the final episode to be aired by E4 at 8pm last night. (See final scene below..)

So will you miss Friends on freeview? Or do you think it’s high-time that C4 moved on? Let us know..