Eamonn Holmes Causes Outrage by Questioning ‘Wimpy’ Bullying Stats

Sunrise host Eamonn Holmes has caused outrage after he slammed an Ofsted report on bullying as “unbelievable”.

The report claimed that nearly half of all children had been a victims of bullying – findings that Eamonn Holmes took objection to, claiming; “What do they constitute as bullying? Someone sticking their tongue out at them? There’s bulling, let’s take that very seriously but to say that one out of two children is put upon at school. Maybe that’s just life, maybe that’s what it’s called.”

Co-presenter Catherine Hawkins took him to task on his comments, arguing that if a child believes they are being bullied, then it should be considered as such. Holmes then accused her of being “wimpy”, saying; “See, that’s why the world is in the state that it is, people like you just being wimpy about everything.”

Holmes later clarified his thoughts following the brief twitter spat, saying that he was merely “questioning the stats” and “it is important we differentiate between what is true damaging bullying and what is a bit of playground life, otherwise the smaller stuff stops the serious stuff being dealt with.”

This is the second time this month TV presenters have gotten into a bit of bullying bother – Fearne Cotton accused critics of being “huge bullies” following the overwhelmingly negative public reaction to the BBC’s coverage of the Jubilee.