Eastbound & Down Will End After Third Series

The show’s star Danny McBride has confirmed that the US comedy Eastbound & Down will end after its third series.

McBride, who can currently be seen in Your Highness, stated in a chat with Digital Spy that the third series will be the last.

“”We always had imagined [the show] being something that’s like a three-act structure, where each season is a different act. The third act would obviously be the last act, so we’re approaching it that way.”

The show has been a cult hit, and with the last series due to start filming this summer, thankfully McBride didn’t rule out reprising his character Kenny Powers in an Eastbound & Down movie.

“We really loved working on that show, so who knows what happens?” he said. “Maybe a few years from now there’ll be an Eastbound & Down movie.”