Eastwood For Trouble With The Curve

So much for giving up acting eh Clint? The actor/director, who said way back in 2004 that Million Dollar Baby would be his last film broke his vow four years later with Grand Torino. Now it looks like he’s about to do it again with Trouble With The Curve while he waits for Beyonce to give birth so he can finish making A Star Is Born.

The drama, written by Randy Brown, finds an aging baseball scout battling trouble with his vision. He and his daughter travel to Atlanta to see a likely star player in the making. It’ll likely be directed by first time director Robert Lorenz who’s worked as an assistant director on a number of Eastwood films.

Deadline report that neither Eastwood or Lorenz are offcially locked in for the movie and Warner Bros. are waiting for them both to sign before they pursue a female lead.

Meanwhile, Eastwood’s next project J. Edgar will be out in January 2012.