Edward Norton On For Bourne Bad Guy

ed210Tony Gilroy has been keeping schtum about the details for The Bourne Legacy, the fourth film in the series but word is now out that he’s found his bad guy in Edward Norton.

Apparently Matt Damon’s Bourne isn’t actually going to feature and will instead centre of Jeremy Renner who will play and as-yet-unnamed assassin who also can’t remember who he is and is involved in another operation which promises to outdo Bourne’s Operation Treadstone.

Seriously? Are there loads of these guys out there? This sounds like it might be prey to Highlander Syndrome (you know – Duncan MacLeod kills an immortal once a week in the series, so that means there must be more immortals than normal people). Is everyone out there an amnesiac contract killer?

No news on what Norton will be up to in the movie other than no good. Rachel Weisz is also confirmed for the movie after being in talks since May.

It’ll be out in August 2012 but a shooting date has yet to be scheduled.