Emma Thompson To Write Annie Remake? (!)

Emma210I’m sure I’m going to wake up and this will all be a dream, a horrible dream. Emma Thompson is reportedly in negotiations to write the reboot of the classic musical Annie. Yes, Oscar-winning Emma Thompson. National treasure Emma Thomspon.

Erm, anyway, she’ll “re-adapt the screenplay for an updated version of the musical” which will see Will Smith’s daughter Willow in the lead role – surely the biggest nepotist dick move in history after The Karate Kid last year (“Daddy will buy you a movie honey”) and music written by Jay-Z.

Thompson is no stranger to great screenplays however – she won her Oscar for the screenplay to Sense And Sensibility in 1995. She also penned the Nanny McPhee films and a remake of My Fair Lady which has yet to be made. Her involvement can only be a stabalising influence on the whole project but really, does she need to be involved at all?

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