Emmerdale Live Special Kills Off Carl King

In the special live episode to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the show, Tom Lister made his final appearance on the show as the scheming businessman Carl King.

Viewers saw him take a brick to the head, first from Chas Dingle and then by Cameron Murray. Carl, whose funeral will take place next Friday, has been on the show for eight years and has appeared in more than 1000 episodes.

Carl is not the first King to exit the soap. His departure comes only a couple of years after his father, Tom, who was murdered by Carl on his wedding night to Rosemary Sinclair over Christmas 2006. Carl’s brother Matthew also had a dramatic departure from the show in December 2008, when after a disastrous wedding day to Anna De Souza, Matthew drove a van straight towards his brother but swerved when Carl jumped out of the way, hit a brick wall and went through the windscreen, dying moments later.

Completing the violent quartet, his sister-in-law Sadie who was written out of the show in September 2006 in suspicious circumstances following the kidnapping of Tom King.