Emmerdale Reaches The Big Four-Oh

For many people it is an age only acknowledged quietly, but for this Yorkshire staple the celebration will be loud and proud.

First broadcast on 16 October 1972, it is the UK’s second oldest sitcom and has broadcast over six thousand episodes. Emmerdale, which started life as Emmerdale Farm four decades ago will commemorate this achievement with a special one hour live episode to be broadcast tonight from a set partially constructed for the occasion.

With all the upheaval and extra work involved there are certain to be some nervous thesps. None more so than Emmerdale producer Stuart Blackburn, who acknowledged in an interview with the BBC that the main reason people watch live episodes is because they secretly hope it will go wrong. But he hopes that taking the risk along with a plot featuring two couples tying the knot, two babies being born as well as one death will hopefully attract some new viewers to the show.

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