Etan Cohen To Direct Boy Scouts Vs Zombies

Name a historical figure, institution, group or supermarket – chances are good there’ll be a “Vs Zombies” movie in the works at some point. Next up is horror/comedy Boy Scouts Vs. Zombies which now has a director in the shape of Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen.

As the title suggests, it’ll feature a group of woggle-clad young fellows whose camp gets besieged by hordes of the flesh-eating undead. They’ll have to rely on their bush-craft skills if they’ll want to survive (and hopefully get their Zombie Defense merit badges).

The original script was written by Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki which was picked up for the 2010 Black List and was down as Race To Witch Mountain director Andy Fickman’s next project. Fickman’s now taking a back seat but is still producing; Cohen will helm the project with a new draft Lona Williams (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Although Cohen’s now formally attached, the schedule for Boy Scouts Vs Zombies is still open as Cohen has a number of other projects which are occupying his attention including Revenge Of The Jocks and as a co-scriptwriter for Men In Black 3.