Facejacker Movie On The Way

With Sasha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator hitting cinemas, it seems an ideal time for Fone/Facejacker star Kayvan Novak to announce that a film version of the masquerade prank show is in the works.

Following the success of Facejacker TV series and the Four Lions film, the move on to the big screen seems an obvious step. Novak has expressed his belief that it “must be kept realâ€? and that the film would have to keep the hidden camera format, no doubt a lesson learnt from the accusations of artificiality directed at Borat and Bruno.

Like Baron Cohen before him, Novak must venture further afield to use his characters without being recognised. America seems out of the question, as the most recent run of Facejacker was shot there.

In an interview with Vernon Kaye on BBC Radio 1, Novak dropped that they were considering Europe, Australia, or Northern Ireland as potential countries for filming, as well as hoping to feature a Hollywood celeb.

Still in early stages of developments (“talksâ€?), it will be sometime before Novak’s selection of grotesques feature on the big screen, and a new audience starts to answer their mobile phones with “Terry Tibbs, talk to meâ€?.

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