Famous Sweater To Return In The Killing Series 2

Detective Sarah Lund is back and she’s bringing her trademark sweater along with her. The hugely successful Danish crime drama The Killing will be returning to BBC4 for its second series on November 19th and we should be seeing the hand-knit jumper by the fourth episode.

Apparently, the sweater has caused more problems for Sofie GrÃ¥bøl, who plays Lund, than you would think. According to the Guardian, GrÃ¥bøl originally ditched it for the second series because too many fans were asking about it. “It was the first question every time, and I got so: “Who cares! Why don’t you ask what’s going to happen with the character?’ Every time that question.â€?

However, she has given in to the power of the sweater and given the success of the first series, you can’t blame her. Earlier this year The Killing beat viewing numbers for Mad Men and won a Bafta for best international series.

Though the sweater will remain the same, plenty of other things will change in the new offering. The length has been cut from the original 20 episodes to 10, but producer Piv Bernth says this will keep audiences on the edge of their seats; “the first 20 episodes, there were some that were a little repetitious. So the tension of 10 episodes is very, very good.â€?

The series will pick back up with Lund working at a cargo port in southern Denmark, life shattered by the events of last series. She soon begins work on a new investigation involving the military, national politics and terrorism.

GrÃ¥bøl has signed on for a third series which is currently in production and says that she would “love to come and workâ€? in Britain in the future.