Fans Call Jeremy Clarkson ‘A Massive Hypocrite’ Over Alleged Affair

“I am allowed to write about whoever I want. But if anyone writes about me, I’ll stick so many lawyers up their a***s they’ll be able to turn a Vespa round in there.”

This is what Jeremy Clarkson wrote in his column after lambasting Max Mosley for claiming his right to privacy had been infringed when his adultery with prostitutes was reported in the national press.

In the wake of such posturing, it seems the silence from the Clarkson camp following The Sunday Mirror’s allegation that the Top Gear presenter has been having an affair is rather damning. “Clarkson has been cheating on his wife. Hope she takes him to the cleaners,” said a member of the public on Twitter.

The newspaper claims that Clarkson has been having an affair with an unnamed woman seven years his wife’s junior while on tour with Top Gear Live. The article says Clarkson’s “tanned 42-year-old lover” was by his side in Australia, South Africa and Norway and “spent several nights with him in his hotel room”. It notes that Clarkson was seen to feed her lettuce with his fingers by the pool in a Johnnesburg hotel.

The paper reports other incidents such as a public kiss on the lips in a bar in Oslo after which the woman “walked with Clarkson to his suite” and “remained in the room all night”. We’re surprised that he managed to have a conversation with a foreigner without insulting them..

Ironically enough, his 50 year-old wife Frances (who has been called “the brains” behind brand Clarkson) does much of his publicity and has made no comment at this stage.