Fans Must Wait A Year For New Sherlock

Sherlock, the contempory BBC show which retells the adventures of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s intellectual sleuth proved an overwhelming hit with viewers when it debuted last weekend.

But although BBC execs were confident that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss would turn out a winner, the sheer popularity of the show has caught them slightly off-guard, which explains why they only ordered three episodes.

An extended second series is now on the way, but BBC drama chief Ben Stephenson has revealed that Moffat is currently tied up with his Dr Who commitments. “We’d like to do more. But if we do, they won’t air for at least a year. Drama takes at least a year to get made and Steven is also really busy with Doctor Who,” he told The Sun.

In regards to rumours of Matt Smith quitting Who for Hollywood, Moffat said, “There is no vacancy. Matt Smith is the Doctor and he has been an astonishing success and – who knows – maybe he will never regenerate again.”

Smith is the eleventh Doctor and according to the show’s own rules the Doctor can not regenrate more than 13 times.