Fergie To Be Hypnotized For ‘Finding Sarah’

The US love the Royals. They love their weddings. They love their funerals. The US also seems to love the Royals when they are off the rails and hypnotized for Oprah.

Yep, that’s right Sarah Ferguson, the much-maligned Royal outcast, has earned a quick buck by revealing her continuing love for Prince Andrew whilst being hypnotized for a new programme called Finding Sarah.

The documentary, which will be debuting on the Oprah Winfrey Network from June, will also show her having a total body makeover as well as being cornered by Dr. Phil who will be asking all of those important questions regarding her unstable childhood and her millions of pounds of debts. Happy times.

There are also rumours that the programme will also contain some horse whisperers, who will no doubt be saying something like “NEEEIIIGGGHH. WHY DID YOU ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER TO WEAR THAT HAT DURING THE ROYAL WEDDING?â€?

Can anyone else explain why she’s been given a tonne of money to do this programme? Please? Please? Can someone help explain why?