“First Fish In Five Days Was Best Meal Of My Life” Says Gardiner

Dancing On Ice panto villain Jason Gardiner has revealed his joy at catching a fish after not eating for five days on a tropical island off Belize.

The Australian choreographer, who was marooned for seven days for Discovery’s new show Alone in The Wild explained his relief when he finally managed to land his dinner.

“I was sick, I’d had diarrhoea, I was dehydrated. I got very emotional. I was really out of my depth and didn’t think I’d get through it,” he told The Sun.

“The best meal of my life to date was when I ate for the first time in five days. I caught a fish myself and cooked it.”

Viewers who love to hate him on the ice-skating reality show might enjoy him toughing it out on a lonely beach off the coast of Central America, but one of the most surprising parts of this evening’s episode came when the full extent of Gardiner’s OCD became clear. Indeed the first thing he did after being left alone was fashion himself a broom to sweep his living area.

“That was the thing I needed more than food and water. How ridiculous!” he explained. “I don’t like having dirty hands, I’m very pedantic about my feet, I can’t stand my face feeling grimy or sweaty — so it was a real test.”

“Five years ago, I couldn’t have done this at all. I’d set the alarm for 4am and clean my house in London for five hours every day. Then I’d race back at 1pm and clean the kitchen and bathrooms. It was insanity. I could not have done this — I’d have died of fright.”

Gardiner also revealed that while he is glad he went on the programme and has a new appreciation for nature, he will not be going on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here..

“They ask me every year. It’s just a form of degradation and humiliation — that celebrity circus doesn’t interest me.”

Alone In The Wild continues on Discovery Channel at 9pm this evening.