First Look At US X Factor Trailer

Cheryl Cole might have made it as a judge on the US X Factor, but if the first trailer (which you can see below) is anything to go by, she may make less of an impact on the television show than some UK fans have anticipated.

Whilst Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid get a star billing, Cheryl Cole is added on at the end of the list as if she’s just an afterthought to the Cowell crew.

But while the former Girls Aloud singer doesn’t get an endorsement from Cowell, her videos do receive more screen-time than everyone else. Some have suggested that this imbalance was caused by her late confirmation on the show.

Simon introduces Antonio “LAâ€? Reid saying that “I had to have the biggest hit maker in the world. This guy makes careers.â€? This is just shown after a note of how Cowell and Paula Abdul are being “reunitedâ€? on the show. Cheryl Cole is then shown on camera as a “Multi Platinum Multi-Selling Artistâ€?, without there being any time for Simon to talk about her or for the US audience to learn any more about her.

The trailer also shows how the US version might be slightly flashier than the UK version that we are more used to. Firstly Simon promises to award the winner the “biggest prize in TV historyâ€?, with a guaranteed $5 million recording contract if they make it through. There are also various shots of the crowd waiting for auditions in LA, which looks like the theme park queue of nightmares and makes the British form of queuing looking like a joke.

Nicole Scherzinger is also mentioned at the end of the trail as being one of the presenters alongside Steve Jones with a little bar saying “introducingâ€? above him. For him, this must be one heck of a step-up from presenting T4 introducing a four hour Hollyoaks omnibus on a Sunday morning.