First Look – Dynamo Magician Impossible Series 3


The BAFTA-nominated and multi award winning series Dynamo: Magician Impossible returns to Watch this summer with even more mind-blowing magic and international adventure. The brand new, four-part series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible follows Dynamo as he visits New York, South Africa, Ibiza and the UK.

Disaster struck while filming for the first episode in New York, after Dynamo and his crew were caught in the middle of the devastating Hurricane Sandy. Despite the obvious risks, it gave Dynamo an opportunity to bring some magic to New York in its darkest hour, culminating with an incredible stunt in the very heart of Times Square.

Dynamo continues to take his unique brand of magic all over the world, this time wowing tourists in the heat of Ibiza, as he turns a rushing fountain into solid ice with his bare hands and travelling to South Africa where he brings wooden animals to life and takes part in an unforgettable game of paintball with the locals in Soweto.

Dynamo is joined throughout the series by his celebrity friends, as he continues to blow the minds of the rich and famous, including some impressive close-up magic with Samuel L. Jackson, a game of pool like no other with Keith Lemon, and impaling himself with a javelin in front of Jessica Ennis.

Samuel L Jackson said “I was blown away by Dynamo’s creativity, it was great to meet the guy and experience his magic personally.”

Dynamo Magician Impossible Series 3 starts on Thursday 11th July, 9pm